Making Payments

Paying for your Project
In many ways, this is the easy part of the Project, but it still needs thinking about as things can go wrong, which might cause embarrassment or conflict between managing trustees and contractors.  
(These notes are designed to help those who are new to this situation but will also remind those with more experience, about issues to consider.)
Payments should be:
    • Disciplined and open  
        • When dealing with Methodist money, there should always be two people involved as signatories.
        • You should always receive an invoice or other document, evidencing the work done and that payment is due.
    • Timely  
        • No matter how large or small the Project might be payments for work done should be made promptly and within any agreed terms of payment.
        • Payments can only be made with money available in a bank account and you need to be confident that sufficient cash will be available on the payment due date.
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