Problems Logging into the Website

If you have entered your correct login details into the website, but are unable to gain access, please see the notes below:
The Username/Password combination entered was not correct. - If this message appears, please check you are using the correct email address or password and that it has been typed in carefully and in the correct case.  Remember to check the capslock is not on.  If you have recently changed your email address, please remember that your user profile may still have your old email address stored on it, so you will need to log in with your old email address.  If you have copied your email or password from an email and pasted into the login page of the website, please bear in mind that an additional blank character space may have been included.  To overcome this, type in the email address and password rather than copying and pasting.
You are not authorised, please contact your Superintendent Minister or nominated Circuit representative - Your user profile has been setup on the website, but you are unable to login because your Superintendent Minister needs to authorise you as a user.  After you registered to use the website an automatic email was sent to your Superintendent Minister informing them that you need to be authorised.  Please note that this authorisation is no immediate and will depend on when your Superintendent Minister has checked their emails.  If you have not been authorised after a reasonable time, please contact your Superintendent Minister or nominated Circuit representative to request this.
There appears to be a problem with your login.  Please contact Consents Support for assistance - There may be a technical issue currently affecting the website, or affecting your user profile.  The Consents Web Officer should be contacted and they will be able to resolve this for you.   
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