New features & Improvements Introduced

Following feedback from users of the website, a number of new features and improvements have been introduced:

Update: 18/04/2013

When a user gives authorisation to a project, their email and name will now appear against it rather than just their email. This will help improve communication lines throughout a project

Update: 12/02/2013

Quinquennial Inspections Reports
Quinquennial Inspection Reports (QIR) have now been made mandatory for all properties. To enter a project on the sytem, your last QIR must be noted on the Property Details page and be less than 5 years old.
An outstanding issue will now appear on projects where the associated property has not yet had a QIR

Temporarily disabled. You can still enter the QIR into the Property Details page but not having one will no longer prevent you from completing a project.

Grants Tab
The Grants tab has now been revised to bring it in line with the new Property Grants criteria (further information relating to this can be found on the Connexional Grants Page). You will need to make sure that this is completed fully when applying for Fund for Property. Any questions relating to Grants should be directed to our Grants Team

Required Fields
Required Fields are now marked by a red asterisk

Update: 23/07/2012

Improved, modern appearance and layout
You should now be able to see all information clearly with the minimum number of clicks. The layout of the Project Record will be familiar to regular users, but at the same time it will present information in a fresh, clean, spacious and non-cluttered way. 

Main project list on Home page
You will be able to see all active projects based on your permissions, without having to select information from drop down lists. It will also be easier to see which projects affect which properties e.g. A Circuit user will be able to identify which projects relate to which manse. 

Filters for main project list on Home page
If you have a long list of projects e.g. As a Circuit or District user, you will be able to narrow down the list by using filters to display all active projects of a specific project status or projects relating to specific property (e.g. By a group of trustees or within a specific circuit).  

Add New Project Wizard
When creating a new project, the website requests preliminary information depending on the type of project you are proposing and will automatically create a new property if one is required. This preliminary information will then ensure all the correct tabs/forms/sections are activated so you only need to complete those parts of the project record which are displayed. 

New and improved hover over helps
Throughout the Project Record, you will be able to hover over the steps at the top, question marks, wording of questions or column headers, to reveal additional information which may assist in completing the questions. 

Improved help and guidance
The help and guidance for the Property website has been revised and restructured. Wherever you are on the website there will always be a link to Help and Guidance at the top right of your screen. By clicking on Help and Guidance you will be able to access:
Updated guidance on how to use the website
Animated tutorials providing brief demonstrations for different users
Contact details for Connexional and TMCP officers should you require any further assistance.
Outstanding issues shown at the top of each tab and visual indicators to show the status of each tab. When a tab has at least one outstanding issue, the top of the tab will appear as red with a cross when hovered over. If all required questions have not been completed on the tab, the top of the tab will appear as orange with an exclamation mark. When all questions and outstanding issues have been resolved on a tab, the top of the tab will appear as green with a tick.  

Improved security and further control over payments
By introducing a second signatory on authorising payment requests, Circuits and Districts will be able to have greater control over when circuit and district monies are drawn down from Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes (TMCP).
A user who is acting on behalf of the managing trustees can create a payment request on the Payments tab and another user, the second signatory, will need to authorise this payment.
For authorising church funds, the second signatory will need to have a managing trustee update permission in their user account (either another managing trustee user or a circuit user with a managing trustee update permission).
For authorising circuit funds, the second signatory will need to have a circuit update permission in their user account (either the Superintendent Minister or other nominated circuit user).
For authorising district funds, the second signatory will need to have a district update permission in their user account (a member of the District Consent Giving Body).
Once the payment request has been created and the second signatory has authorised the payment, the payment request will be sent to TMCP as an instruction to act upon.
Required fields will be visible on tabs/forms
After you have entered and saved information on a form, those fields which are still required but have not yet been completed will be indicated to the user. 

Improved mechanism for handling post consent project amendments
After final consent has been given, it will be possible to amend the same project so that users will always see the most up to date information. No separate linked blank projects are setup. The user can update the existing project record, but as changes relate to the work/money involved, these will still require the necessary authorisations. While the existing project record may have been amended numerous times, it will still be possible to see previous versions of the project record and the original version that was first consented to. 

Project Summary reduced in size
Some questions previously displayed on the Project Summary have now been relocated to another tab called the Project Purpose tab. The Project Purpose tab includes those questions relating to your Mission Statement and how your project will cater for spiritual development, the community and youth work etc. Most projects will require the Project Purpose form to be completed. 

Revised Lease tab
The lease tab now has additional, more relevant questions about leases. New tab for Easements (Right of Way) - An additional tab has been introduced for granting an easement (Easement To) or taking an easement (Easement From). 

Changes in terminology
If a project affects a property managed directly by the circuit, district, or connexion, the terminology will automatically change to relate to trustees, instead of references to Church Councils. 

Manage Properties facility
You will now be able to see all properties based on your permissions e.g. Those properties for which the group of managing trustees are responsible, or all properties in a specific circuit or district. A circuit or district user will be able to use filters to narrow down the list of properties to see which properties relate to which trustees.  

Changes to Manage Users
Users at Circuit level with manage permissions will be able to add/see users within their Circuit, including other Circuit users. Users at district level with manage permissions will be able to add/see users within their District including other district users. 

Reports for Circuit and District users
Users at Circuit and District level can now view reports for projects or properties, based on your permissions. 

Managing roles
Some users may have different permissions at different levels within their user account e.g. A district user who is also a managing trustee can choose which role they would like to use the website for. 
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