Technical Issues Resolved

The following technical issues which users encountered on the previous version of the website have now been resolved: 

Update: 17/06/2013

Payments Tab
When entering a figure on to the payments tab, it would not accept commmas. This has now been resolved

Create New Project
When creating a new project, it would sometimes throw you back to the main page if you had a £ symbol in your project title or description. This has now been resolved

User Management
Some users could not manage permissions if they had both District and Circuit permssions. This has been resolved.
Grants Tab
Grants tab now accepts 0 as the anticipated draw down for each year

Update: 04/03/2013

Print Project Records
When using the Print Project Record function, it was saying Object Moved. This issue has now been resolved and project records should print as before

Update: 17/01/2013

Emails to Hotmail and BT Internet accounts
Users with Hotmail and BT Internet accounts who requested new passwords were receiving emails with inactive links. This has now been resolved and should now receive emails correctly.

Update: 23/07/2012

Internet Explorer login issue
Some users using the Internet Explorer browser were unable to log into the website and those users who were experiencing this issue were instructed to use the Google Chrome browser. This issue has now been resolved. It is now possible to access the website using all browsers.

Marking projects as finished
After a project has received final consent and all monies have been drawn down (if applicable), it is now possible to mark a project as finished.

Creating New Properties and Saving Property Details
When creating a new project, you will need to complete some preliminary information before the project can be created. As part of this process, any properties which need to be created will be done so automatically. It is now possible to update and save property details either by clicking on View/Edit this property on the Project Record, or via Manage Properties on your home page. 

Post Consent Notes not visible after marking project as finished
The Post Consents notes can be inputted after final consent has been given and these details can be saved and remain visible when the project is marked as finished. 
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