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How do I request a payment from the Consents website?

When your project has been given consent and you need to draw down funds held with TMCP, you must use the payments tab on the property consents website to request payment.

When you click on the Payments tab you will see that each source of funding held with TMCP will have its own section on the form.

To create a payment request click the Create Payment Request button below the relevant section. Complete all the required information as follows:

Description - What is the payment for e.g. Pay invoice XXXX dated XX/XX/XX

Payee - Enter the name of the account which you wish the money to go into i.e. Church, Contractors etc.

Sort Code/AC No - Enter the payment details of the account you wish for the funds to be paid. Please note that for payments to CFB leave the Sort Code blank and enter your 8 digit reference, this will start and end with 0.

Amount - Enter the amount you would like TMCP to transfer (there is no need for £ or commas).

It is important to ensure that full authority has been given for the payment requested and that payee details have been carefully checked. TMCP are only acting on your instructions. When you have double checked the information click the Confirm & Submit button.

Your payment request will now need to be authorised by a second person:

For church funds – the second user will need read and update permissions for the managing trustees to authorise the payment request

For circuit funds – the authorised circuit user (normally the Superintendent Minister) will provide the authorisation for circuit funds held with TMCP.

For district funds – the payment authorisation will need to be provided by a district user with read and update permissions.

The second signatory will need to go on to the payments tab, check that all the details of the payment request are correct then click the Authorise button beneath the Manage heading on the right. A pop up screen with appear confirming your email address and the date. You will need to click the blue Authorise button again.  A further pop up screen will then confirm that the payment request has been sent to TMCP.  

If you have successfully applied for a Fund for Property grant or a Landfill Grant (via TMCP) you must also use the payments tab to request release of the grant.  The two users required to request and authorise the request should both have managing trustee read and update permissions. The payment details will be received by TMCP who will process your request and arrange for payment to be made.  

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