Entering Information & Updating the Project Record

The website provides useful help and guidance as you work through each form.  Wherever you see a purple circle with a white question mark, you can hover your mouse over it and further help and information will appear about that specific section.
You can also hover over any questions, labels or column headings for additional help and tips on completing the forms.  
Inputting the Project Cost
The Project Activity which you added when first creating the project can be seen on the Project Summary form.  It is in the Project Activities section where you input the project cost.  Click the Edit button beneath the Manage label, type the cost into the relevant field on the screen (no need for commas or £ signs) and click the Save Activity button.  
Building the Project's Funding Package
Listing the sources of funding for a project is done in the Project Funding section of the Project Summary form.  Each source is added separately by clicking the blue Add Fund button.
After clicking the Add Fund button you will see a drop down menu of fund types to choose from. You then have the ability to show whether this is a loan, space to input a trust number (if the funds you wish to access are held with TMCP), a space for a brief description of the source (e.g. Circuit Model Trust Fund, District Advance Fund) and a proposed amount.  Clicking the Save Fund button will enter a row in the Project Funding section.  To add further sources you need to follow the same procedure again.
If you are using funds held with TMCP, it is important that you select the correct fund type when building up your funding package.  Those fund types followed by 'TMCP' (e.g. Church Funds (TMCP), Circuit Funds (TMCP), District Funds (TMCP) will appear on the Payments Form following final consent.  If the incorrect fund type is used, you will not be able to request payments from TMCP following final consent.  
When you create the project the website brings together all the forms which are relevant to your type of project.  Each form is accessed by clicking on the tab across the top of the project.  The website has a colour coded status key (red, amber and green) which tells you whether action is needed, further details are required or if the information is complete. You will see the colour of the tabs change as you add the information requested.  
As you work through the project record you will see that there are required fields highlighted on the forms and it is important to remember that if these are not completed you may be not be able to progress your project through to final consent.
All projects will start out with a list of outstanding issues which will highlight the parts of the project record still requiring completion and as you complete the forms the outstanding issues will be removed.
The final stages of a project involve the recording of the managing trustees and circuit meeting authorisations and of course your ultimate aim is to gain final consent from the Consent Giving Body.  
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