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Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas

Can I do any work to my listed building without consent?

No. You must always contact the Connexional Conservation Officer before starting any work on a listed building. If you fail to do so you may be liable for the cost of putting it right.

My building is in a conservation area. Can I do internal maintenance work without the approval of the Connexional Conservation Officer?

You should always first check with the Connexional Conservation Officer.

Any project which involves a listed building or a non-listed building in a conservation area requires the Connexional Conservation Officer to complete their authorisation section even if the project is a sale, lease, sharing agreement or easement.

Do we need to send technical drawings/plans to the Connexional Team?

You only have to send technical drawings and plans to the Connexional Conservation Officer for projects involving work to listed buildings or buildings in conservation areas. Technical drawings and plans for other types of project should be uploaded to the documents tab on your project

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