Frequently Asked Questions

Progressing Projects through the Website

Can we print off the Project Record so everyone can have a copy at our meeting?

Yes. The Project Record can be printed by selecting "Print Project" under Project Management, towards the bottom of the page on the left hand side. This will open up a print selection window where all pages are automatically selected so you will need to deselect any ones not relevant before clicking "Print".

We are trying to add managing trustee authorisation to our project but we can't see the boxes to input the meeting date. What do we have to do?

You need to click on the tabs to check whether there are any outstanding issues on any of them. Once you have input data onto a tab for the first time and clicked the Save & Submit button the other required fields will be highlighted to you.

Once you have input all the required details the tab will go green to show that it is complete. The only tab that remains orange before the Managing Trustees complete their authorisation is the Project Summary. The Project Summary tab goes green when Final Consent is given by the Consent Giving Body.

We are selling a property in order to buy another. Can we do this on the same Project Record?

No. Sale and purchases should be logged as two separate projects. The system will prevent you from logging a sale and a purchase as one project.

Do I need to enter information into every section?

No. It is not always necessary to complete all questions on the website. Each project is different and will vary in terms of the type of work involved and complexity. For smaller projects e.g. a minor roof repair, less information would need to be entered. For major building projects questions about how the proposals link to spiritual development of the church and how the project benefits the local community would clearly be more relevant. You may want to contact your Consent Giving Body for guidance on the level of information they require.

I have completed the Managing Trustee authorisation. Why can't I input the Circuit Meeting date?

There are two different levels of authorisation for a project beyond the local church. Circuit Meeting authorisation is recorded on the website by the Superintendent Minister and final consent is recorded by the Consent Giving Body.

I have completed Managing Trustee authorisation, how does the circuit know that there is a project needing their attention?

The website automatically sends an email to the circuit user (normally the Superintendent Minister) notifying them that you have signed off the project on behalf of the managing trustees. The automated emails are sent out over night so it should arrive the following day.

I am a Superintendent Minister and have been asked to confirm Circuit funds for a project which is at the Consent Given status. Why can’t I do this?

This will be because the project has been given consent by the district. The website has been designed to lock the information on a project when consent is given. This enables the district to keep a record of exactly what they gave consent for. It is therefore essential that circuit funds are confirmed before consent is given. If this is not possible, then a project amendment will need to be created to allow further consent to be given.

How do we progress projects for manses and other properties managed by the circuit meeting?

The circuit meeting will need to nominate a representative to register on the website. When they register on the website they will need to select their District, Circuit and choose 'Circuit Trustees’ from the Church drop down list. They will be sent a password once authorised by the Superintendent Minister. They will then be able to create and progress projects for property managed by the circuit meeting.

How do I complete the funding section of my project summary?

When you have a reasonably clear idea of where the funding for your project will come from, and how it will meet your target, you should complete the funding section as follows:-

Click on the Add Fund button to bring up the Project Funding pop up screen.

Select the relevant fund type (don’t forget, for the funds held with TMCP such as Circuit Model Trust Fund and District Advance Fund it is important that you select the relevant type with the TMCP label e.g. Circuit Funds (TMCP)).

If the source of funding is a loan tick Yes (the default setting is No).

If the funds are held with TMCP you will need to type in a trust number.

Use the Description box to briefly describe the fund type (e.g. name of bequest, name of charitable trust etc)

Enter the proposed amount then click the Save Fund button.

To add further funds click the Add Fund button again and complete the relevant information.

Funders have requested an approval letter proving that we have permission to go ahead with the project. Can this be printed off the website?

You can print a copy of your Project Record from the website. Simply click the Print Project link in the Project Management menu and select the parts of the Project Record you wish to print. Click the Create PDF for Printing button.  This will enable you to either save the PDF document or print it out.

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