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Creating Projects

Why can’t I see the Add New Project button?

You will only be able to see the Add New Project button if you have been nominated as the person responsible for creating and updating projects for your church. To see the Add New Project button you will need to have both Read and Update permissions for the church in your user account. When your Superintendent Minister authorises you to use the website they will need to check your user account and make sure you have the correct church permissions in place.

If you cannot see the Add New Project button and you should be able to please get back in contact with your Superintendent Minister who will be able to update your user account.

Does a project need to be created for minor works?

Small, non-structural improvement works - such as like for like non-structural works do not require consent under Standing Order 930 (1). There may be exceptions to this however if your property is in a conservation area or the building is listed. In such instances, you will need to contact the Conservation Office on 0161 235 6722 or email The Conservation Office.

Before you proceed with the work, it's also worth talking to your district property secretary to find out if they want a project for the work you are planning on doing.

The District Property Secretaries have also provided a helpful flowchart of when consent is required for a project: Consents Flow Chart(Hosted by TMCP)

I want to replace the windows in my chapel. Do I need to log this as a replacement project?

No, replacement projects only apply to projects where a property has been sold, and is being replaced by a new property, or refurbishing/redeveloping an existing property

How do I mark a project as replacement project?

Only certain types of projects can be marked as a replacement; Alteration/Repair, Extension, External Works, New Build, and Purchase. To flag a project as a replacement, you will need to tick the box against "Is this project a replacement project", when creating a new project, or on the project summary tab for existing projects.

Why does my property not appear in the property dropdown menu of the Project Creation wizard?

The properties appearing in Step 3 of the project creation process depend on the trustees selected in Step 1. In case of a sale, it is likely that the property has been transferred to the circuit trustees, so the managing trustee creating the project would need to pick “Circuit Trustees (…)” in order to be able to select the relevant property later on. Please ensure you have the necessary permissions and access before attempting to do this.

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