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Can we start work before we get consent?

No. You must not start building work on your project until your district has granted final consent. If building work is started before the district has approved a project then this could not only lead to wasted time, effort and money but could even result in legal liability against you and the other managing trustees of your church.

It is also important to remember that if you start building work without consent then your project will be ineligible for Connexional grants and the use of any funds held in trust by TMCP.

Although you must wait for district consent before starting building work, there is still plenty of background work which can be done in the meantime, such as fundraising and developing your project ideas with your congregation, circuit, district and Connexional Officers.

We are trying to add managing trustee authorisation to our project but we can't see the boxes to input the meeting date. What do we have to do?

You need to click on the tabs to check whether there are any outstanding issues on any of them. Once you have input data onto a tab for the first time and clicked the Save & Submit button the other required fields will be highlighted to you.

Once you have input all the required details the tab will go green to show that it is complete. The only tab that remains orange before the Managing Trustees complete their authorisation is the Project Summary. The Project Summary tab goes green when Final Consent is given by the Consent Giving Body.

Do I need to enter information into every section?

No. It is not always necessary to complete all questions on the website. Each project is different and will vary in terms of the type of work involved and complexity. For smaller projects e.g. a minor roof repair, less information would need to be entered. For major building projects questions about how the proposals link to spiritual development of the church and how the project benefits the local community would clearly be more relevant. You may want to contact your Consent Giving Body for guidance on the level of information they require.

I have completed the Managing Trustee authorisation. Why can't I input the Circuit Meeting date?

There are two different levels of authorisation for a project beyond the local church. Circuit Meeting authorisation is recorded on the website by the Superintendent Minister and final consent is recorded by the Consent Giving Body.

I have completed Managing Trustee authorisation, how does the circuit know that there is a project needing their attention?

The website automatically sends an email to the circuit user (normally the Superintendent Minister) notifying them that you have signed off the project on behalf of the managing trustees.

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