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Key Acronyms

CFB - Central Finance Board

CGC - Connexional Grants Committee

CMT - Circuit Model Trust

CPD - Constitutional Practice and Discipline

CPF - Connexional Priority Fund

DAF - Distrct Advance Fund

LEP - Local Ecumenical Partnership

MAPJ - Methodist Action on Poverty and Justice

MCD - Methodist Church House

MiBF - Mission in Britain Fund

SRC - Strategy and Resources Committe

TMCP - Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes

URC - United Reformed Church

Other Notes

The website uses the term 'churches' to refer to groups of managing trustees (Church Councils). The term 'property' refers to the sites managed on a day to day basis by the managing trustees.

The website terminology changes if you are a user representing Circuit, District or Connexional Trustees to reflect the fact that you do not represent a Church Council.

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