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Listing Projects

When you log into the website the main part of your home page shows a list of all the active projects you have access to. Active projects are those where the status is not Finished, Abandoned, or Expired. As you hover over each row the background colour will change. To open the project you simply need to click anywhere in the highlighted row.

On the top left of your home page you will also see a Find Project by ID tool which provides a quick way of opening a project if you know the Project ID number. Underneath this box, there is Find Property tool, where you can search for properties, allowing you to see details about that property, as well associated projects and documents.

Project Record

At the top left of the page, you will see two buttons; the red Online Portal button is a link back to the Online Suite Welcome page, where other sites can be accessed, and the blue Return to Project List button is a link back to the list of active projects that are currently accessible.

The website provides useful help and guidance as you work through each form, which is accessed by clicking on the tab across the top of the project. Each tab is colour coded, with appropriate symbols ("!", "✖","✔").

As you go through the project record you will see that there are required fields highlighted on the forms. It is important to remember that if these are not completed you may be not be able to progress your project through to final consent.

All projects will start out with a list of outstanding issues which will highlight the parts of the project record still requiring completion. As you complete the forms the outstanding issues will be removed.

Depending on your role, not all buttons and fields are active. Managing trustees will be responsible for completing most of the project record.

Summary of Symbols & Colours

  • > Required fields are denoted by a red asterisk (*).
  • > Completed fields are green.
  • > Amber fields mean that information can be entered in to the field.
  • > Fields with incorrect information in them are red.
  • > Greyed out fields mean that no information can be entered into this field. This may be due to:
  • – Insufficient permissions to edit this field (see User Authority Key).
  • – Information is entered by the Connexional Team.
  • – Information is entered by TMCP.
  • – The project has been given final consent/marked as finished/marked as abandoned/expired and is locked from editing.
  • > Blue buttons mean that you can perform an action, such as add funds or activities.
  • > Greyed out buttons mean that the button is disabled. This can be for the same reasons as listed against greyed out fields.
  • > Plus signs (+) mean that there is more information available by clicking on the heading.
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