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Project Status

> Proposed - This is the initial project status. All necessary information about the project, such as funding and purpose of the project, should be completed by the managing trustees before continuing.

> Awaiting Circuit Support - Once the managing trustees have entered all the necessary information and given their sign off, the project will automatically move on to this status. A member of the circuit meeting is required to provide this sign off.

> Awaiting Connexion - If a project is against a listed building, in a conservation area, or involves another denomination, the project will require Connexional sign off. This will be entered by either the Conservation Officer, or the Connexional Ecumenical Officer.

> Awaiting Consent - This will be the final sign off required before a project can go ahead. This is always done by the Consent Giving Body (usually the district).

> Consent Given - This indicates that a project has received all the necessary signatures and that the district is happy for the project to go ahead. This status will activate the Payments tab to allow the draw down of TMCP held funds. It will also lock all other tabs to provide a record of what the district has consented to.

> Amended - This indicates that this project has been amended and unlocked by the managing trustees.

> Abandoned - This indicates that the project is no longer going ahead.

> Finished - This indicates that the project has now been completed.

> Expired - If a project is older than 10 years, based on the creation date, then it is automatically archived and marked as expired.

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