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Changing Your Role

If you use the Property Consents website for multiple roles e.g. you may be a member of the district consent giving body and a managing trustee user of your local church, you will need to choose which role you need to use the website for, each time you log in.

After you have logged in, you can change your role, so you can then use the website for your other role. To do this, click on Role at the top right of the page and you can then choose a different role.

If you access the website for one role only e.g. as a local managing trustee user (with no other circuit, district or connexional roles), you will not be prompted to choose which role, instead you will be able to log into the website straightaway.

Important Note - If you have permissions to use the website at more than one level (e.g. managing trustee and circuit user) the website will not allow you to complete more than one level of authorisation.

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