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Amending & Updating a Project after consent

When final consent is given to a project the project record is locked.This enables the Consent Giving Body to have a record of the work and funding they agreed.

However, there are a number of ways which managing trustees can update and amend the project if they need to:

Post Consent Notes

After a project has been given final consent, a Post Consent Notes box will appear on the Project Summary form. This is for when a minor note about the project may be useful for information.This can be updated by managing trustees, circuit users and consent giving bodies.

Post Consent Project Amendments

After final consent has been given by the Consent Giving Body, there may be changes to a project e.g. increase in project cost, additional work required, changes in the funding package.In this situation the managing trustee user will need to amend the information on the original project and seek consent for the project changes.

Once consent is given the original project record is locked and an Amend Project button will become visible at the bottom of the Project Details list on the left of the page.

Clicking the Amend Project button enables you to update the existing project.All amendments have the same project ID as the original project and all the information from the original project and each subsequent amendment is visible. All users can navigate between amended versions so they can see which details have been amended.

If additional work is required, further project activities and associated costs can be added together with additional funding sources.If a piece of funding needs to be confirmed after consent has been given to the original project, this should also be done by creating a project amendment.

When a managing trustee creates the project amendment the Payments Form becomes locked to new requests until consent is given to the amendment.

Post Consent Costs

When a managing trustee clicks the Finished button, they will be given the option to update the project cost (Final Cost) figure. A Final Activity Cost section will appear at the end of the Project Summary form.

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