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Circuit and District Reports

On the Listing Projects page, there is an option under Project Management called Reports. This allows circuit or district users to create reports on properties or projects.

Report Name

> All properties in District/Circuit - Displays a list of all properties within the district or circuit selected. This includes information such as if the building is listed and what listing grade it has, and who owns the building.

> Projects in District/Circuit - Displays a list of projects based on further filters selected:

> Project Status - This will generate a list of all projects with the selected status, e.g. all projects that have been given circuit support.

> From date (dd/mm/yyyy) - Displays projects created from the entered date.

> To date (dd/mm/yyyy) - Displays projects that were created on or before the entered date.

> Projects using District/Circuit monies - Displays projects using district or circuit funds.

> Projects with loans - Displays projects that have loans as part of their funding projects.

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