Email Alerts

The Property Consent website sends out a number of different email alerts during the life of a project:
    • If you are a new user, you will receive an email alert with your password when the Superintendent Minister authorises your user profile.
    • When Managing Trustee Authorisation has been entered on a project the Circuit user and Consent Giving Body will be alerted to the project.
    • When Circuit Meeting or Connexional Team Authorisation is given the Managing Trustees and the District Consent Giving Body are sent an alert email.
    • When Conservation approval is given to projects which involve listed buildings or non listed buildings in conservation areas the Managing Trustees, Circuit User and Consent Giving Body all receive an alert email.
    • When the project receives final consent from the Consent Giving Body the Managing Trustees, Circuit Users and all members of the Consent Giving Body are informed by email.
    • When a project is abandoned by the Managing Trustees the Circuit User and Consent Giving Body are notified.
    • When a project is finished (Implementation Complete) the Circuit User and Consent Giving Body are notified.
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