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Before Creating a Project

Before creating a project on the Property Consents site there are some important notes below which need to be considered:

Listed Buildings and Non-listed Buildings in Conservation Areas

If your proposals will affect a listed building or a non-listed building in a conservation area, it is strongly recommended that managing trustees contact the Connexional Conservation Officer at the earliest possible stage. These early discussions can help the managing trustees realise the suitability of the proposed work and at the same time help abide by the legal requirements.

Legal Transactions

If your proposals involve a legal transaction such as a sale, lease, purchase, sharing agreement, granting an easement to or taking an easement from, it is strongly recommended that managing trustees contact the TMCP Legal office to make themselves aware of what legal documentation needs to be prepared and processes that need to be followed to ensure compliance with legislation.

Technical Guidance

The Connexional Property Co-ordinator provides guidance on technical aspects of property projects if requested by managing trustees. It is recommended that early contact is made in order for trustees to make best use of any guidance provided.

Further information can also be found on the Property section on the main Methodist Church website.

Quinquennial Inspection

If you are considering any building work to your chapel or ancillary premises it is a good idea to check your last quinquennial inspection report to ascertain if there was any work identified that required action. Managing trustees may wish to consider doing this work as part of the project. In some cases, depending on the severity/priority of work identified on the quinquennial inspection, it may be necessary to get this work done before embarking on a new project. If in any doubt, discuss this further with your Superintendent Minister and/or your District Consent Giving Body.

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