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Creating a New Project

To create a new project, you will need to log in as Managing Trustee. The Add New Project link can be found on the left of your home page beneath the Project Management heading. If you do not see that link, then you may not have the appropriate permissions. Please contact your Superintendent to get these permissions added to your account.

Step 1

Having clicked the Add New Project link you will need to select the name of the trustees which you represent from the Select Trustees drop down menu.

The Project Title field enables you to give a concise definition of the project e.g. New Heating System or Sale of Land. The following Description field requires a more detailed description of the work involved in the project.

Step 2

The Project Activities section enables the user to specify the type of project. Users can choose from a number of types on the Select Project Type drop down menu. It is the Project Activity which activates the relevant tabs of the website required for your particular project so it is important that you choose correct types.

All projects include the Project Summary and Project Purpose tabs. You will find a list of project types, examples of projects and the additional tabs which will be activated on the website with each activity on Project Activity Types.

A project can have more than one activity (such as Alteration/Repair and External Works) but it is important to note that the following activities cannot co-exist in the same project — separate projects will be required:

  • – Sale
  • – Lease To
  • – Lease From
  • – Purchase
  • – Easement To
  • – Easement From

Likewise if you are selling part of your property in order to redevelop the other part, you will need to log two separate projects, one for the sale and a second for the redevelopment.

Step 3

After selecting the project type from the drop down menu you then need to select the property which your project is associated with. You will find that you will be asked to answer different questions depending on the project type you select in the Project Activities section.

If you are purchasing a new property, you will be asked to create a new property instead of being asked to select a pre-exisiting one.

Clicking the Create New Project button creates the project and gives you a Project ID which you will find in the Project Details list on the left of the page.

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