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Creating New Properties

There are certain instances when a new property needs to be created on the Property Consent website to allow a project to progress through to final consent.

The website will automatically create a new property within the Add New Project wizard if you create a project which involves:

  • – Selling part of your property with the intention of retaining part
  • – Purchasing a new property
  • – Taking a lease on a new property
  • – Granting a lease on part of your property
  • – Taking an easement over another property
  • – Sharing a property owned by another denomination

If you need to create a new property and it does not fall under one of the categories above, then you will need to contact the Web Support Officer.

When you send the email, please include the following details:

  • – Address and Post Code of the property
  • – District Number
  • – Circuit Number
  • – Who owns the property
  • – If it is on model trust
  • – If it is listed or in a conservation area
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