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For church and circuit and Conference property

Each district synod needs to identify the officers it believes would collectively have the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake the responsibilities of this important task. Typically the body would include those who hold responsibility for finance and property, but also those who are involved with the mission strategy of the district.

This will depend upon the chosen structure of each district, but some districts have included:

> Chair of District
> District Property Secretary
> District Development Enabler
> District Grants Officer
> District Treasurer
> Chair of the Finance and Property Committee
> Co-ordinator of the District Resources Group

Typically, 5 officers have been included.

For district and connexional and general property

The Strategy and Resources Committee has agreed to undertake this role on behalf of The Methodist Council and will appoint a small group of its members to fulfil this function on its behalf.
The Connexional Team undertakes the role of Superintendent when required by the consents system in relation to district, connexional and general property. The Connexional Team checks that all the relevant information has been input by the managing trustees before completing the authorisation which then alerts the SRC Consent Giving Body to the project.

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