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Giving Consent

What does giving consent mean?

The members of the Consent Giving Body have decided, within the agreed structures, that Consent should be given. Managing trustees may now proceed with their project, within their own time and responsibility.

What does giving consent NOT mean:

> The success of the project is guaranteed.
> The district is responsible for the project.
> The legal documents are approved.
> That all proposed funding will necessarily be confirmed.

What happens next?

Managing trustees may make electronic requests for payments from funds held in Trust accounts with TMCP via the Payments tab. If the funds are within the confirmed funding package, payments will be made once the request is received by TMCP Finance.

Significant Changes

There will be some projects which in practice turn out to be quite different to the original proposal.

If the changes are significant, managing trustees must create a project amendment, explaining what the changes are, why they occurred and what the impact will be on the final result. There is a simple process within the system for doing this without having to repeat all of the essential background data. However, authorisations, including final consent will need to be given again before the project can proceed.

This step will be important if further funds are to be awarded from circuit or district funds because, without final consent to the amended project, TMCP have no authority to release these funds to managing trustees.

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