Sharing a property

It is possible for Managing Trustees to offer temporary hospitality to other Christian churches or congregations for them to use Methodist premises, either in particular occasions or for a period not exceeding 12 months.  In accordance with Model Trust 14(2A) this requires connexional consent.  A license-to-use should be entered into between the managing trustees and the using church or congregation.

If you are considering sharing your property with another denomination, or sharing property which belongs to another denomination, a sharing agreement in accordance with the Sharing of Church Buildings Act 1969 will need to be put in place.

Consent to a sharing agreement or to temporary hospitality will only be given where there will be continuing Methodist use of that property.

Where a property owned by another denomination is to be shared, consent to do so should be obtained by the body of Methodist managing trustees who would be the managing trustees of the property if it were owned by the Methodist Church.  For a place of worship or church hall that usually means the Methodist Church Council of the local church or LEP who will be using the property, and for a minister's house, the Circuit Meeting.

 To register a new sharing agreement managing trustees should at the earliest possible stage, contact their District Ecumenical Officer.  A new project will need to be created on the Property Consents website for the registration of the sharing agreement.

If the managing trustees are involved with a building project affecting a property :- that is Methodist owned and where monies are being provided by another denomination; or a property owned by another denomination and where Methodist monies are to be contributed; then the terms on which this money is being made available will require connexional approval.  At the earliest possible stage, your District Ecumenical Officer should be contacted and reference made to a project on the Property Consents website.  

To create a project which may involve sharing with another denomination, you will need to follow one of the four different scenarios provided in the related links section below.

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