Granting an easement

If you are looking to grant an easement to others, it is strongly recommended that you contact the legal office of Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes at the earliest possible stage. They will be able to give guidance relating to the granting of an easement, inform you of what documentation they will need to see and the process which needs to be followed to finalise the legal documentation.

Creating a new project to grant an easement to others

Click on the Add New Project button and this will display a form requesting some basic preliminary details which need to be completed before you can create your project record. As you complete this information, additional questions will appear to guide you through.

Click on Select Trustees and select the managing trustees who are currently managing this property. Enter a project name to identify your project e.g. 'Granting an easement to water supplier' and then enter a project description to provide further details of what the proposals entail.

Next you will need to click on Add Activity and then select Easement To, to show that you are proposing to grant an easement to others. In the description of the Project Activity, you can add a concise note if you choose.

You can then select which property is affected. Another question will now appear asking whether the whole property or only part of the property selected is affected by this easement. Select the whole site.

Once all of the details have been entered click on the Create New Project button at the bottom of the form. The project record will now be created, with a unique project ID reference and will be linked to the property affected. You can now continue entering further information into the project record for this proposed easement.

Completing the project record for granting an easement to others

When your project record opens for the first time, you will see Step 1 Complete required information is highlighted. Hovering over this first step will show what areas need to be completed.

For this easement, you will see the Project Summary tab, Project Purpose tab and the Easement tab have been activated. You will need to complete the required information on each of these tabs to resolve the outstanding issues shown at the top of each tab.

On the Project Purpose tab some of these questions may not be entirely relevant and in some cases you may need to enter 'not applicable' in the boxes and click the Save button.

By clicking on the Easement tab, you will see that information about the proposed granting of an easement will need to be completed, such as the solicitor’s details, surveyor/agent details, the consideration payable and the date when the qualified surveyors report was sent to TMCP. After final consent has been given, the managing trustees and their solicitor should be in contact with the TMCP legal office to finalise the legal documentation.

If you require further guidance about granting an easement, please contact the TMCP legal office.

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